Cap & Hat Embroidery

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Please choose this option for adding logos to your cap or hat. Pricing works on the number of garments that need to be embroidered.

Size of embroidery will be between 8-11cm depending on your logo. The maximum number of stitches we will allow is 10000. Anything for 10000 stitches, we will send you a quote and will proceed only after you accept.


Quantity Cap & Hat Embroidery
1-5 9.90 Each
6-10 8.80Each
11-15 7.70 Each
16-25 6.60 Each
26-50 5.50 Each
51-75 4.95 Each
76-100 4.40 Each

Additional information

Embroidery Quantity

1+, 6+, 11+, 16+, 26+, 51+, 76+


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